Trim Wrap

Trim Wrap by Gutterman Services

Give Your Home a Face lift!

Even the cleanest of homes needs to be freshened up sometimes, and new trim is the best way to give any home a mini-face-lift! Are you ready to treat your building to new trim?

The exteriors of buildings are destroyed by changes in temperature, high humidity, and shoddy construction. Instead of repainting your trim, consider one of Gutterman Services’ trim packages. We cover all of your exterior wood surfaces with an acrylic coated aluminum trim coil and vinyl soffit material. These substances will last for years and are easy to maintain. New trim wrap will improve the look of your home by cleaning up lines and smoothing out surfaces. Future maintenance and repairs for the wood beneath the trim is eliminated, leaving you with a low-maintenance, beautiful exterior! Gutterman Services specializes in trim wrap and we can help you stop painting the exterior trim of your building for good!

If you’re looking for that extra little something to improve your home then fill out our online estimate form today. Always feel free to call us at 571-297-1445.


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